Rock music artist, PiperSins

Artist/Band Name:PiperSins
Music genre:Rock
Hometown:Van Nuys
Social Media Link:https://facebook.com/piper.sins.14




  1. This guy has some of most badass music I've ever heard! Oh wait this is me! But here are some comments others have said about my music...
    This is wonderful bro, so cool voice here and beautiful melody, the lyrics are poetry and with a very deep message, i liked the balance between the precious guitar work and the powerful drums, maybe my favourite of yours, simply beautiful ❤
    Great stuff!! The ending of the song kinda reminds me of the intro riff to "Fall Into the Light" by Dream Theater!
    PiperSins oh you know you are always very welcome, this song is spectacular for the energy and the amazing way you put here great drums and guitar in a magnificent coesione and structure, the song flows in a powerful way, excellent my friend!!
    I don't know how to comment on Metal, it's not normally my thing, but I love this!
    Love it! When I clicked on it I was expecting a thrasher metal jam, what I got was a great song that eased me into my morning coffee. Please continue with your bad ass self!
    You must have gotten great grades because you’re an amazing artist/musician Mr Pipersins. Keep on rockin!
    And those are just a few of the great comments I've received after listening to my music. So follow one of the links above and go take a listen to my music, you won't regret it I promise!


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