Julie Anne

Artist/Band Name:Julie Anne
Music genre:Singer/Songwriter
Hometown:Mountain Home, ID
Social Media Link:N/A
Exclusive Interview:
Julie Anne Interview


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  1. Song pitcher here...everybody duck!

  2. That was me Julie Anne by the way. If you need a song...let me know...and then duck!

  3. Anyone know why we have to join the EU to publish a comment....on our own page? Interesting...still not bowing to the man!

  4. I have new songs...this is Julie Anne again...on my website in the top 5....showcasing a piano number that makes my arms fall off. May not sound like it but it's a tough one. My site is https://www.reverbnation.com/julieanneharper Take care and God bless! See if the EU approves of that! Really! What is this world coming to!? Of course I have no opinion on the matter what so ever!

  5. By the way...this is Miss Julie again...the piano song in previous reference is called "Stand Tall". Wish someone would! No.....opinions!